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The Finance Corporation was formed to assist small businesses in gaining access to capital in order to grow their businesses, provide job opportunities, and inspire their communities.

The cornerstone of WBD's success is the delivery of the SBA 504 product. Sold nationwide exclusively by not-for-profit Certified Development Companies (CDC), the SBA 504 loan fulfills the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) public policy objective to support small businesses and create jobs in our communities through long-term, fixed-rate financing.

In addition to the SBA product, we provide consulting and loan packaging services to banks and borrowers. This allows lenders access to other government sponsored lending programs without the investment in training. This program allows small businesses access to working capital and restructuring solutions. WBD’s expertise with the SBA 7(a) and Community Reinvestment Fund programs, along with other national, state, and local programs, proves valuable for projects that need more than fixed asset financing.

Wisconsin Economic Development Association serves the Northland, Duluth MN Superior WI MSA, Douglas county areas.