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Address: 1 NW 3rd St , Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Phone: 218.326.6619



The Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to the economic diversification of the Grand Rapids area. The Chamber is dedicated to expanding employment, encouraging investment, generating business opportunity and improving local and state revenues through a strategic economic development program that includes retention, expansion, attraction and capital formation. The organization will pursue a balanced effort through partnerships with area economic development organizations to aggressively enhance existing business opportunities and expansions while seeking to attract new business to the area.

The focus will be in several sectors – including the tourism, retail commercial and industrial areas.

Outstanding Quality of Life
The area’s quality of life is vital to our economic and environmental health. The Chamber’s constant push to make improvements is one of this organization’s most significant contributions to the area.

Adequate Chamber Resources
There are five ingredients necessary for an effective Chamber of Commerce effort -a program of substance, dedicated leadership, adequate funding, a competent professional staff and current technology. In order to implement our goals and priorities we must develop new revenues and targeted marketing plans. The Chamber will continue efforts to enhance revenue through membership growth and retention while at the same time diversifying revenue sources.

Proactive Government Relations
Serving as the voice of the business community is one of the most important roles of the Chamber. The Chamber will continue to serve as an advocate, on all levels of government, of policies and legislation that encourage economic growth.

Membership Development and Involvement
The Chamber is committed to finding new ways to promote the value of Chamber membership in order to allow consistent growth. At the same time staff will aggressively pursue a high level of membership retention and satisfaction. Particular attention will be paid toward increasing the number of volunteers involved in active participation.

Life-Long Learning
Quality education at all levels is the cornerstone of life-long learning and long-term economic growth. The Chamber is committed to building, through collaborative partnerships, a system of human resource development. As such, it would provide a literate and enlightened citizenry for the development of the skills required by the community and the workplace.

Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce serves the Northland, Arrowhead, and Itasca county areas.