Freight Distribution

Services: Shipyards

Contact: Derek Tanula, Yard Superintendent

Address: 1 Clough Ave , Superior, WI 54880

Phone: 715.394.7787



Located at the western end of Lake Superior in Superior, Wisconsin, Fraser offers full shipyard services for steam or oil-fired, welded or riveted vessels. We are proud of our reputation for providing quality workmanship on time, in a cost-effective, professional manner.

Fraser Shipyards' modern facilities and heavy-duty equipment can accommodate even the largest marine vessels for short stays or extended lay ups. Our 60-acre facility provides 24-hour security, featuring building and repair berths, a joiner shop and mold loft, machine and fabricating shops, warehouse facilities, two fully-working dry docks, lay-up and fit-out berths.

Engineering services are provided by Northern Engineering Company, a subsidiary located near Fraser Shipyards.

Fraser Shipyards serves the Northland, Arrowhead, Duluth MN Superior WI MSA, Douglas, and St. Louis county areas.