Economic Development

Services: Economic Development Authorities

Contact: Jackie Monahan-Junek, City Administrator

Address: 413 Pierce St , Eveleth, MN 55734

Phone: 218.744.7444



The Eveleth Economic Development Authority (EEDA) was established in May 1994 to enhance economic and community development for the City of Eveleth, Minnesota.

The Eveleth EDA's governing Board of Commissioners has a completed comprehensive plan to guide commissioners in the planning process.

The key areas of focus include:

Progress Park
A 240 acre industrial park managed by a Joint Economic Development Board made up of Eveleth and Virginia Economic Development Board members, citizens and business owners.

Senior Housing
Eveleth EDA currently owns and operates a 30 unit apartment for senior housing.

Southwest Ridge Housing Development
Eveleth EDA has constructed six (6) new spec homes through a public/private development agreement designed to encourage new housing construction in West Eveleth. Eveleth EDA has residential property within the new housing development available for sale through the City of Eveleth.

Job Opportunity Building Zones
Eveleth EDA has created and approved three (3) Job Opportunity Building Zones (JOBZ) where tax incentives will help new or expanding companies reduce expenses and help sustain further growth for our area. Tax exemptions from the state include: Corporate, Individual and Sales and Use Taxes.

Gap Financing and Storefront Renovation
Eveleth EDA is utilizing a revolving loan program as a way to assist the expansion of local businesses and the location of companies from outside the Iron Range. Storefront Renovation loan funds have been used to enhance the face of main street Eveleth and continue to offer a revenue source for local businesses.

Mesabi Station
Eveleth EDA is working with the St. Louis County Regional Railroad Authority to develop and construct the Mesabi Station; a trail central designed to educate, inform and enhance the entire Mesabi Trail experience. The Mesabi Trail currently includes 97 miles of pavement and runs through 25 communities. Eveleth EDA anticipates there will be economic benefits from the regional growth of the trail system and is extremely proud to be a part of its future.

To facilitate the review of economic development projects, the City of Eveleth, and the Eveleth EDA have developed an application to be completed in full to allow the EDA to review projects, make a preliminary determination regarding whether it meets its economic goals and its criteria for financial assistance.

Eveleth Economic Development Authority serves the Northland, Arrowhead, Duluth MN Superior WI MSA, Douglas, and St. Louis county areas.