Economic Development

Services: Economic Development Authorities

Contact: Amy Rice, Coordinator

Address: 316 W Lake St , Chisholm, MN 55719

Phone: 218.254.7930; Cell: 218.966.0115



The Chisholm City Council established the “Chisholm Economic Development Authority” in 1993 through the use of an “Enabling Resolution” from the State of Minnesota. Chisholm has seven (7) Chisholm Economic Development Authority members with two being elected from the city council five from the community at-large.

Of the five “at-large” members, the City draws on the talents of the Chisholm Area Chamber of Commerce and the Chisholm Development Association for one member from each of their respective “Board of Directors.”

Chisholm's Economic Development Authority has the power to perform development including: “redevelopment” and “developing” with respect to an economic development project, the cost of:

(1) acquiring property;

(2) demolishing or removing structures;

(3) correcting soil deficiencies;

(4) constructing or installing public improvements, streets, roads, and utilities;

(5) providing relocation benefits to occupants of acquired properties;

(6) planning, engineering, legal, and other services necessary to carry out the functions listed; and

(7) the allocated administrative expenses of the authority for the project.

It is also the goal of the Chisholm Economic Development Authority to collaborate with the Chisholm Area Chamber of Commerce and the Chisholm Development Association to provide a broad scope of services to include marketing and loans.

Also, the University of Minnesota-Duluth “Center for Economic Development” located at the Hibbing Community College assists with business plan development as one of the available services.