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The inhabitants of the area around Lake Superior were the first to manufacture metal tools in the continent. The high copper content was worked by hammering it into a rough shape and heated making the metal tougher. Both copper ores and tools were exchanged throughout the region.[

Lake County in northeastern Minnesota is known for its rustic beauty, with four state parks on its Lake Superior shoreline and parts of the Superior National Forest and Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness within its borders. It also is an attractive location for businesses: its county seat, Two Harbors, has a working port and sits within easy access of the Duluth metropolitan area via a four-lane highway, and further up the shore, Silver Bay is home to a significant mining operation.

Major industries in Lake County are mining, logging, wood products, shipping and transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism. Two cities are operating harbors for Great Lakes shipping. The county offers great schools, a modern hospital, easy highway and rail access, skilled workers, and many business incentives.

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As its name suggests, Two Harbors is a working port on Lake Superior. Its strategic position gives it a strong economic base in transportation and an emerging light manufacturing industry. As the largest town past Duluth on Minnesota’s scenic North Shore, it is also a major tourism hub. Two Harbors sits just 20 miles northeast of Duluth via a four-lane highway, offering easy connections to the world beyond Lake Superior’s shores.