July 11, 2019

Business North

Classes will start this fall for a new online master’s degree program at The College of St. Scholastica, it was announced Wednesday. The program will prepare graduates for careers in the field of applied data analytics.

Data analytics is the science of converting raw data into relevant and actionable insight to support decision-making. A master’s degree in applied data analytics provides an in-depth study in analytics, the college said in its announcement. Data analysts and scientists are employed in healthcare, banking, marketing, research and development, computer information systems, management and human resources.

Dr. Brandon Olson, chair of St. Scholastica’s Computer Information Systems department, is the program director for the MS in Applied Data Analytics. He said in a news release the new program is designed to make data analytics approachable to people regardless of their background.

“Organizations have been collecting data over the past few decades and we now have the tools to make use of this data,” Olson said. “As a result, the field of data analytics is growing significantly.”
St. Scholastica’s Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics will build on students’ professional experience to apply data analytics to their field of interest. The two-year program can be completed 100% online.

“Our program emphasizes the application of data analytics toward decision-making,” Olson said. “Rather than simply learning the tools and methods, we also focus on using data to make actionable decisions.”

Course topics will include data analytics for decision-making, big data management, and applications in machine learning. The program offers both a fall and a spring start date. The application deadline for this fall is Aug. 15.

The college is also offering a new Applied Data Analytics Certificate. The 12-credit graduate-level certificate is designed for professionals seeking to develop skills and experience working with data.