February 28, 2022

Did you know Northland Connection can help with a wide range of research projects? We have access to data through a variety of Northspan subscription services as well as external sources such as DEED and the U.S. Census. 

Basic Northland Connection services are available to all Northland Connection members free of charge. We can also handle data requests that require original research or extensive analysis on a contract basis. Northspan staff can usually turn around these requests within one business day!

The following services are not included within basic Northland Connection services but are available to all members and partners for an additional fee:

ArcGIS Online Property Profiles

  • ArcGIS Online (AGO) is a state-of-the-art visualization tool used by major media outlets to combine graphics and text to tell stories. AGO gives basic mapping capabilities and the ability to create Story Maps—scrolling and visually appealing media ideal for profiles of properties, projects, or assets you’d like to highlight (example pictured below).
  • Approximate cost is $1,000 per profile. Multi-property portals available at a negotiated rate based on number of properties. 

arcgis map

Social Explorer Map Development

  • Northspan can create comparative maps visualizing current and historical demographics using Social Explorer (example pictured below).
  • Approximate cost is $500 for a basic map; terms negotiable for multiple maps or more elaborate projects.

Detailed Prospect Qualification — $300-500

  • Package a detailed profile
  • Includes everything in a standard snapshot profile (details in ArcGIS section above)
  • Compiles data on businesses within certain sectors within a defined area
    • NAICS codes, revenue, number of employees, and contact information
    • Leadership team, markets, partners/investors, competitors, recent news, unique information (i.e., feedstocks for biofuel company), SWOT analysis (if available)

Industry or Cluster Analysis — cost depends on scope

  • Package response per client’s direction on a defined industry or cluster of industries
  • Includes regional presence, national or global analysis, financial information
  • Covers industry outlook, external drivers, supply chains, major markets, market share concentration, and a host of variables for more than 700 industry sectors

Pre-Shovel Ready Analysis — $1,500-2,000

  • Assess a site’s viability for DEED or other Shovel Ready program
  • Initial review of materials necessary for application
  • Provides a checklist of needed materials

Real Estate Market Studies — $1,000-2,500, depending on scope

  • Assessments of commercial and residential vacancy rates, absorption/capture rates, and rents within defined areas
  • Research tailored to specific projects or an overall market area as a whole
  • Can include broad community assessments or parcel-by-parcel data collection
  • Policy/program recommendations available upon request

Economic Impact Analysis — cost depends on scope

  • Assessment of economic impact of a business or industry on a defined area
  • Basic version ($1,500-2,500) analyzes impact using internal data and/or operating assumptions
  • Advanced version ($4,000-6,000) includes IMPLAN economic impact software package for data on direct, indirect, and induced effects

Financial Feasibility Studies — cost depends on scope

  • Develops a report assessing the financial feasibility of a business or industry
  • Interrogation of underlying assumptions of business model
  • Optional inclusion of economic impact analysis
  • Development of a narrative tailored to key partners

Marketing Materials Development — $2,000+

  • Provision of data and narratives for profiles of communities, properties, or programs
  • Available to assist with design

Website Content Development and Project Management — cost depends on scope

  • Provision of data and narratives for community or regional website development
  • Available to work with web developers on design and construction of website to ensure user-friendliness for both website users and future updates to the website

Other Project-Specific Activities

  • Staff is available to perform other projects, which may include but are not limited to:
    • Cataloging and analyzing development potential of vacant or foreclosed properties
    • Developing an industry referral database of regional businesses seeking other business opportunities
    • Other research needs as brought forward by partners

Do you have a research project in mind? Reach out to Northspan Research Director & Senior Consultant Karl Schuettler at kschuettler@northspan.org to discuss the details!