January 19, 2018

From Business North

United Airlines will operate mainline aircraft at Duluth, the Duluth Airport Authority announced Thursday. beginning March 9, the airline will use a combination of Airbus A19 and A20 aircraft on its first flight out and last flight in from Chicago O’Hare airport (ORD).

The new mainline service replaces the existing flight that has been operate by the regional 50-seater jet. the airport authority said in its announcement.

The new mainline service brings a larger two-cabin offering to customers including inflight United WiFi and personal device entertainment. Since entering the Duluth market in 2009, United has continued to gain market share with its direct flights to Chicago. In 2017 alone, the airline has seen a 4 percent increase in passengers over 2016.

United operates three to four daily flights out of Duluth, depending on the season. With the exception of the first flight out and the last flight in, the other daily flights will continue to be operated by the regional 50-seater jets.

“We are thrilled to see the mainline flights come to Duluth for our passengers. The region has continued to show United Airlines the demand for the Chicago market and we are happy to see them respond with this new addition,” said Natalie Peterson, communications and marketing director at the Duluth Airport.

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